By Fran Mendelowitz, LCSW


Bananagrams: How can a little game the size of a banana offer so many big lessons about life?

When we open this appealing, banana-shaped container of 144 letter tiles, we find a fast-paced word game requiring players to create grids of intersecting words with tiles they have randomly selected. During the course of the game, players are consistently forced to give up the grid of words that they’ve been creating to accommodate new letters. Players often have to regroup and start over, forming new grids with their new letters.The first player to finish their grid with…


If we look at 2020 in reverse, we see 0202.

02, the commonly referred to abbreviation for oxygen which many think of as “breath,” has become the focus of our lives this past year. Unlike any year before it, 2020 has uncovered the preciousness and fragility of our breath.

Many have had the devastating experience of clinging to their breath during 2020. For the unfortunate who have been infected with Covid 19 and have experienced respiratory difficulty, the notion of being unable to breathe has been frightening to say the least and life-robbing for far too many. …

Francine Mendelowitz

Fran maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Bellmore, New York. She is also Founder of InterACT NY, using dramatic enactments to teach audiences.

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